Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Is this a new P1800 EV electric restomod ?

This car was spotted outside of Volvo Hällered car test track in Sweden and nobody is sure what to make of it.

"I pass the Volvo test circuit outside of Gothenburg when going to work and I often see various Volvo prototypes on the roads.
But a while ago I saw something out of the ordinary and I just had to turn the car around and get some photos of it!!
They were not too happy when I got close at the gas station.... At first I wasn't sure what to make out of it, but it sure does look like a modern P1800? Restomod?

It seems it got the new white “polestar engineered” badge on the grille

It could be anything including a cover car for another brand.
Firstly, it apparently has wider fenders, in order to accommodate bigger wheels and tires. Then there is the complete absence of exhaust pipes poking out the back - it was suggested that this P1800 might be some sort of factory restomod and EV conversion.
The Swedish car registration info system says it's a 11/03/1964 Volvo 18335 VD Red owned by a person in Kullavik outside of Gothenburg  (car registration details translated)

Interesting is the fact that its previous owner was apparently Jonas Christian Dahl, who owned Polestar back in 2004 and now is the man behind Cyan Racing.
This could mean this is, in fact, a Polestar project, not something that Volvo is doing. Regardless, the P1800’s 60th anniversary is coming up next year and this project could be Volvo’s way of celebrating the iconic two-door.
The trend of automakers glorifying iconic classics by making them electric is actually more common than you might think. Aston Martin is doing it, as are Jaguar and Volkswagen, so all of the above seems quite plausible in this context.

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