Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Project changling P1800

Project Changling P1800 / Toyota Supra by Pro-Touring by Robert Jackson of CLASSIC AUTO GLASS INNOVATIONS

Robert Jackson started a wonderful project, he explains:
The plans to achieve a similar build to the Vox Volvo Rendition by Bo Zollands , but with a 2JZ Twin Turbo/5-speed Toyota Supra running gear. The 2JZ 6Cyl motor is considerably larger in size than the original Volvo 4cyl/4 speed set up, so there will be alot of fab work to document.

...We will be doing as many of the Body Mods that are possible and reasonable to achieve the overall Vox Volvo Rendition. I am hoping to achieve about 90 percent of the rendition look, but proportionally some of it may not be quite achievable using the original car for a platform. I am not planning on extending the front end, so that may throw things off a bit proportionally...

The body mods we are going to perform to achieve the look of the Bo Zollands Vox Volvo design.
Removing the drip rails
Removing the vent window,
Modifyting the top for the reshaped quarter glass
Tilted Headlamps (Mercedes)
Hood Scoop
Moulding the grill shell into the body and bringing the top of the shelll out a bit
Flushing the turn signal lamps
Building an air dam
Recessing the tail lamps
Hopefully raising the wheel wells (if that doesnt get into a hole can of worms),
Removing the chrome trim
Lowering the rear fins
Manufacturing the bumpers (Already have a set of 63 Corvette bumpers for the rear to modify, see the resemblence below)
And of course, FLUSH MOUNT GLASS I thought about making the Complete top glass as in the picture, but for possible sales of our kit, it wouldnt be very easy to install. So, we are going to do just the rear glass by itself.