Saturday, August 16, 2014

Finnish P1800 Passion & Suomen Volvo 1800 Kerho ry

When it comes to P1800 Passion, we are speaking about how much someone can be dedicated, no question this includes the long time runners and members of P1800 clubs worldwide.
I had the unique chance to travel recently in Finland for business, during the coldest day of the year in early January. While not being able to catch any 1800 on the streets of Helsinki at night I was able to find a daily runner amazon and shared with local clubs if it would be possible to find any 1800 around. Obviously the low temperature -19°C ( -2°F) is not encouraging anyone to put a precious classic much in the street during winter.
Back in April with sunny warm weather and no snow on the road I was happy to discover that local drivers are not driving like lunatics here in France! this applying also during sunny warm weather and no snow on the road! The scenery of countryside is wonderful whatever the season, and most important the people are wonderful, I had the unique chance to engage with local 1800 club  "Suomen Volvo 1800 -kerho ry"
I'd like to pay tribute to the club and especially to Jaakko Saransalmi owner of a beautiful P1800S, for keeping the P1800 passion, sharing about the 1800 and dedicating an entire article about your humble servitor P1800 passion. I received also, with the greatest interest, info and pictures about the unique 1800 police car part of Helsinki Police forces in 1967 now restored by a club member, see more pics here

The very unique 1800S police car assigned to Helsinki police in 1967 (c) Suomen Volvo 1800 -kerho ry
the very same car now fully restored by Finnish club member

I can testify having seen during a classic passion span of more than 30 years that the club's magazine "Pyhimys"  (aka The Saint) is done in a upper quality professional way, surpassing in quality and content all the one I have seen.

Do not miss the club website :
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And if you have the opportunity, join, meet, engage with the club!

Thank you Jaakko and club members for your P1800 Passion and keeping the flame of the 1800 high!

Pyhimys 1/2014 (c) Suomen Volvo 1800 -kerho ry
Jaakko's beautiful P1800S (c) J Saransalmi