Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The P1800 ballad of Irv Gordon

Not to be missed, production and interpretation by the fellow Volvo enthusiast Tom Demarest, the Ballad of Irv Gordon and his P1800 has just been made available for all of us.

Have a look at Tom's website  http://www.oregrownmusic.com/anoldvolvo.htm , "my Old Volvo page" where there is a link to The Ballad of Irv Gordon, get it now.

It may very surely be another pick for CarTalk this summer, as they did in the past for other Tom's hits!

Enjoy Tom's ballad that captures what we all are thanking Irv for : the purpose and underlying story of driving a classic Volvo P1800 !

Congratulations Tom to have so well captured Irv's P1800 passion.
The Ballard of Irv Gordon is copyright (c) Tom Demarest
(c) Tom Demarest

(c) Tom Demarest