Saturday, April 19, 2014

The passion for P1800 rewarded

Our fellow VIP renown enthusiast and multi-hat P1800 ambassador Kevin Price who just accomplished the magic of bringing back to road the iconic 1800 (71DXC) featured in the first Saint TV series got a (more than) well deserved price,
thanks to his accomplishment more than this price he receives also the recognition of the worldwide P1800 passionate community. Thank you Kevin.
Looking forward to meet you soon, and have a tour in your Saintly Car! this surely would be the second most interesting drive of my life after the time Irv drove my car on my favorite roads!

read also the history of the rebuild

and do not forget to check at 8:45 of the Talented Husband episode of the Saint (c)ITC

Congratulations and Thank you again Kevin!