Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Irv on TV: Can My Car Live Forever?

Irv on History Channel/Nova January 26, 2011 "Can My Car Live Forever?"

Irv said:
I will be on a PBS station that carries NOVA…here in NY it will be channel 13 and channel 47 (History Channel) on my cable system. The broadcast is at 8:00PM…but you will have to check for NOVA on your system. The date is Jan 26.
I hope it won’t be anything embarrassing! LOL
This was really a great interview for the tribute of the P1800 and about the whole concept of taking care of it, thanks again Irv. The Nova crew rode around Long Island with Irv and his Volvo in 2010 for an interview about his car's amazing longevity. Meanwhile, the program description from explains that "Neil deGrasse Tyson, Astrophysicist and cosmic fashion icon takes a lighthearted look at whether the tricks that have kept a 1966 Volvo running for 2.7 million miles can also help the human body go the extra mile."
This show is also a great occasion to see Irv's favorite garage and mechanics, including Richie Vermont 35 years service, and the legendary Duane Matejka (Duane is probably the winningest Volvo racer in the USA, as five-time Champion of the Volvo Historic Series) ...