Sunday, March 1, 2009

Driving your P1800 with style

For those lucky enough to own one, part of the passion for the P1800 comes from driving it, I personally do think your own apparel as a driver is part of the experience, that means, clothes, gloves, shoes, and sunglasses !  I have a great attraction for the Serengeti brand who is producing some of the best lenses on the planet, polarized and photochromic (adaptative to the light exposure) that is the best eyeware on the planet for drivers.
After becoming a cult brand for polarized lenses and optical perfection over night, Serengeti is now an established cult accessory for some of the world's best loved names. Luke Perry, Val Kilmer and Patrick Dempsey have all thrown their influential weight behind Serengeti sunglasses and now's the turn of actor James Denton, who is best known for his provoking role in the American hit series Desperate Housewives. 
Serengeti just released the Merano combining the style to the technology,  James is the Serengeti brand ambassador for the year 2009 in the brand's communication and in a worldwide advertising campaign. In some of the ads he is wearing these Serengeti Merano sunglasses from the Classics collection driving classic cars...I will probably get some for myself!