Saturday, September 30, 2017

Hemmings about our P1800 book

As Kenneth stated
Nice review yesterday by Hemmings of our (first...) book about the living icon, the Volvo P1800. Worth telling the rest of this fascinating story isn't it...
Pointblank: If you own a Volvo P1800 or are a longstanding admirer of this fascinating sports car, then you must own this book. Without question, this is the definitive P1800 book — no other books on the P1800 can compare.
Laid out in a landscape format of 9 x 11¾ inches in size, this hardcover book, which totals 280 pages of a quality coated stock, was published in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2011. Written by two serious Volvo P1800 enthusiasts, Kenneth Collander and Mats Eriksson, their goal was a simple one: “This book is dedicated to all those people who in one way or the other were engaged in the creation and development of the Volvo P1800 and all the enthusiasts around the world who take good care of these cars, their heritage and history.”
With the foreword written by the man who penned the P1800’s shape, Pelle Petterson, the book is divided into 11 distinct chapters, each focusing on one particular aspect of the P1800’s design and development. There are numerous photographs, mostly black-and-white images, showing the creation of the Volvo Sport prototype, as well as many fascinating photos taken at Carrozzeria Frua of the construction of the first P1800 prototype.

Throughout the book there are endless details about the P1800’s construction, insight as to how and why it was designed and built the way it was, and all sorts of noteworthy information and minute details about the parts and trim pieces used in its construction. And the many side stories about specific P1800s and their owners, as well as the many world markets where the P1800 was sold, adds greatly to the P1800s’ — and this book’s — appeal. It’s a captivating and highly enjoyable read, but be prepared for a tough search in finding a copy as they are very hard to come by, although the effort is certainly worth it.

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