Friday, November 16, 2018

Good bye to our P1800 friend and mentor Irv Gordon

This is with such great sadness that we learned that our friend and guide Irv Gordon passed away while travelling in China Nov 16th while he was telling his daughter "I am having the time of my life"

Words are missing to describe how much he meant for so many of us.

We are missing a worldwide figure and a friend.
I will forever remember the 2 years of preparation with Irv of the Viking Classic Autoshow in France in 2010 where he helped us manage to bring him together with Pelle Petterson the designer of the P1800, this started a friendship for several passions we share together the first one being the P1800 and the second the classic cars, as most do not know that not only Irv was driving his 1800S but also enjoyed miles on other cars too, including several classic cars.

Rest in peace my Friend! Thank you for all the good times, you driving my 1800S, chats, jokes, smile on your face and on the phone all these years, and most important for having set forever among all the flame of the P1800.

Thank you

You've made me feel right at home Thanks. Irv Gordon (driving my 1800S in France 2010)

Irv last picture sent to his daughter "I am having the time of my life!"

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