Friday, March 9, 2012

Irv & his 1800S featured in Project Re:Brief app P1800 or The Countdown to 3 million miles!

as discussed while you spent all this time with the google team, this was obviously worth it (easy to say for me considering the huge burden on you :-) ) but the next video really explains what this app is about, or how to surf in 50 years of 1800 Passion ! thanks for the time given for this Irv.

I urge everyone to watch the video of Project Re: Brief and get ready to download and enjoy the app!
you will be able to follow Irv on his miles toward 3 million ! Just incredible!

  • Few snapshots first
(c) Google Project Re:Brief

(c) Google Project Re:Brief
  • The Concept (c) Google Project Re:Brief 
“This year, Internet advertising turns 18-years-old. And yet despite almost two decades of innovation online, digital ads are still being used to simply inform more than they’re being used to connect, engage and entertain. So we designed this experiment to re-imagine what advertising can be and push the boundaries of how creative ideas and our technology can work hand in hand.” 

  •  Irv's ad concept
New York resident Irv Gordon is an ordinary Volvo driver with an extraordinary car. He has driven his 1966 Volvo P1800s a world-record 2.9 million miles. Not only can we tell Irv’s story through a series of films, with Google+ and Google Maps we can allow the viewer to become a part of his unique journey in real-time as he counts down to the 3-million-mile mark.
  • How the Ad works
(c) Google Project Re:Brief

  • The video presentation of the Ad

  • The Making of 
See how Amil Gargano, original Art Director of Volvo's "Drive it like you hate it" came out of retirement to once again re-imagine his iconic ad in a film presented by Google and directed by Doug Pray. 

  • Enjoy a glimpse of the app by clicking on the "New Ads" icon on the left of this link you will have the choice of experiencing the app/ad depending on your profile select one at the lower right section ( Outdoorsy, Travelers, Fashionistas, Foodies)
    I really send a warm Thank You! in the name of the P1800 Enthusiast community to Irv, Amil Gargano & the creative teams of VCNA & Google for reinstating the missing link between cars generation and as Linda says in the video "loaded with humanity" !