Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Irv celebrate Golden Anniversary of the P1800 in Australia

In September, Irv will travel to Australia to celebrate the car's golden anniversary. Irv has also restated his goal to hit three million miles.
“In honor of the P1800's 50th anniversary, I'd like to reaffirm my goal of reaching three million miles within the next two years,” said Gordon. “Recently my P1800 has been through some terrible weather, and never complained once. What a great automobile! Hitting 2.9 million miles is a true testament to Volvo and those who designed it.”

An right this recent terrible weather was when Irv came back from the Volvo Meet in Gateway Colorado museum (owned by Discovery Channel founder) in middle of nowhere, he had to face crazy storm and even stay up all night since he did not find in hurry an hotel with closed parking for the Milnmlr !

Timeless 50-Year-Old
The Volvo P1800, this alert 50-year-old, was never intended to be a mass-produced car. It was and still is a niche product, the top of the model range, yet at the same time viable enough to be within the reach of ordinary people who wanted a car that looked like a Ferrari but cost and functioned like a Volvo: pleasant, reliable and economical. It appealed to people even before it arrived in the showrooms in 1961 and its design has been shown to stand the test of time: it is timeless, classic and sporty in a well-balanced way.
P1800 owners owe a debt of gratitude to Gunnar Engellau and Helmer Petterson who pushed for Volvo to build the car, to Pelle Petterson who designed it, to Volvo who kept the model going in good times and bad over a period of 12 years.

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