Wednesday, March 30, 2011

P1800 Pelle & Irv in Techno Classica Essen 2011

The 23rd TechnoClassica in Essen turned out to be a bigger success than ever, not least for Volvo Cars Heritage. During four days, 178.300 visitors admired thousands and thousands of classic vehicles in the worlwide biggest Classic Car show. The VCH stand with its 50th anniversary celebration of the production of the Volvo P1800 was a success with people discussing and asking for autographs designer Pelle Petterson and million-miler Irv Gordon.

Claes Rydholm head of Volvo Cars heritage made again this year a tremendous effect by organizing with his team a great stand including a desk looking very much like one of 1961 where Pelle Petterson and may be Helmer Petterson and Gunnar Engellau may have discussed the release of the P1800 first delivered to the public in 1961. VCH won again this year (after one in 2010 for Carioca) an award.
letter from Helmer Petterson to Frua sitting on the desk
The stand featured the X1 frua prototype but also beautiful production cars of each generation of 1800.

I was really interested by the plaster models of the P1800 that were on display and found back after several epic stories that Claes depicted to me (off the records).

It was a great opportunity again for discussion, have diner with, take pictures, with our favorite figures Pelle & Irv. A great time also was the page by page reading together with Pelle of the new reference book for the P1800 put together under lead of  Kenneth Collander with support of VCH and others : "P1800 from Idea to prototype to production". I truly URGE any enthusiast to order the book (and I do not say that because I am in the list of contributors) by following instructions here
you will discover an incredible amount of NEW documents, text, interview and information provided for some by Pelle himself !

the new P1800 reference book! order it !

Pelle & Claes
Irv is always happy to discuss!
A well deserved Award for the VCH Stand!

hybrid 3 sitting in a kids babershop P1800!

seen on another stand

busy time !

RtoL Pelle Irv Stoffel myself


the new P1800 reference book! not to be missed!

read more about it on VCH page HERE